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R   K   Higgins   Construction   LLC   has   extensive   experience   in   Verti-Block   Wall   installation.   Commercial?   Residential?     We   can   taylor   the   Verti-Block   Wall   system   to   meet   your   need       Verti-Block   is   durable   concrete   hollow   block   that   is   filled   with   3/4"   washed   stone   which   allows   for   greater   flexibility   with   drainage.   Verti-Block   was   designed   with   landscaping   in   mind       If   you   want   to   retain   dirt,     create   a   flat   area   for   recreation,     create   a   place   to   park   your   cars,   camper,   or   motor   home,   Verti-Block   is   the   only   choice.  
If   you   need   a   retaining   wall   that   can   handle   the   pressure   of   holding   up   a   road,   driveway,   or   soil   next   to   your   foundation,   Verti-Block   is   the   number   one   choice   for   contractors   and   homeowners.   Call   today   for   your   free   consultation   and   estimate!

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